Automation Solutions for Every Pool

Maximize your pool and spa enjoyment while saving money, time, and energy

AquaLink™ automation systems give you complete pool and spa control with the touch of a button. Easily adjust water temperature, turn outdoor lights on and off, and manage many other features for optimum convenience and efficiency. Our smart control solutions are developed to meet your backyard pool and spa automation needs.

AquaLink systems consist of power centers, control interfaces, and software that allow you to:

  • Manage up to 32 pool and spa features
  • Control pool and spa equipment from the convenience of your home or remotely anytime, anywhere when connected to the iAquaLink system
  • Automate daily pool equipment functions such as filtration, cleaning, and sanitation
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your equipment will automatically be protected from freezing conditions
  • Seasonally-adjust filtration programs and sanitizer levels for optimum energy efficiency and extended equipment life
  • Access pool and spa features via smartphones, desktops, and tablets through the intuitive, convenient, and award-winning iAquaLink app

Take control of your backyard experience. Browse our full line of pool and spa automation systems below.