Water Features for Every Pool

Elevate your pool's look and enhance your backyard experience

The right pool landscaping has the power to transform any backyard into a stunning oasis. Create your pool and spa's "wow" factor with vibrant, energy-efficient lighting and unique water features that turn bland pool areas into extraordinary spaces.

With our line of lighting and water features, you can:

  • Increase enjoyment of your pool with the ambiance of coloured lights and the shimmer of falling water
  • Create spectacular water effects with unique waterfalls and laminar jet options
  • Light up water features for extra drama
  • Enjoy a seemingly endless display of bright white and other colours that light up the night
  • Sync your lights with your pool and spa effects
  • Control pool/spa light settings, display options, and water feature operation anytime, anywhere with pool automation systems using iAquaLink™ via any web-connected smart device

Below, browse our line of innovative lighting options for pool owners that we've designed to be easy to install, energy-efficient and unique, and our water features that add tranquility and impact to your poolside experience.