Plumbing Solutions for Every Pool

Innovative plumbing equipment works together for greater energy savings and faster installation

Efficient, reliable, and high-performing plumbing lies at the heart of every optimally operating swimming pool. The most robust plumbing systems are designed with components that work together, and that’s exactly the approach Zodiac takes. We engineer our professional-grade equipment to connect flawlessly for minimized installation time and maximized efficiency. Whether its our pumps, filters, heaters, or salt systems, all are developed to fit seamlessly for easier pool plumbing.

The Versa Plumb® System is the culmination of our drive to continually innovate holistic pool plumbing. Versa Plumb is engineered as a modular system comprised of a pool pump, filter, and heater that connect together for exceptional hydraulic and energy efficiency. Other configurations are also available, and all plumbing kits and interconnected equipment designs feature straight-through flow pipes and sweep elbows that reduce water resistance and increase efficiency.

Versa Plumb systems offer:

  • 50 percent more hydraulic efficiency*
  • 40 percent faster installation
  • 50 percent less plumbing pipe and fittings

*Comparison is between Jandy Pro Series Versa Plumb System using a Jandy Pro Series Pump, Versa Plumb Filter, LXi™ Heater, AquaPure® Salt System, and Never Lube® Valves with sweep elbows versus competitors' equipment using comparable pump, filter, heater, sanitizer and valves.

Learn more about our Versa Plumb plumbing configurations and the pool equipment it supports below.