Make Your Pool More Comfortable

Increase your comfort, enjoyment, and peace of mind with the right pool solutions

You already know that pools and spas enhance quality of life, and comfort is key to their enjoyment. Extend that comfort with heating, pool cover, and water balancing solutions from Zodiac's family of brands. Heat your pool and spa for year-round use, protect your investment and family with covers that conserve energy, and prepare your pool for comfortable and healthy swimming.

Our pool comfort solutions:

  • Heats pools for year-round use
  • Prevents dirt and debris from entering the pool and retains heat so your heater runs for less time
  • Ensures silky, soft, clean water
  • Minimizes eye and skin irritation
  • Balances water so that protective chemicals and minerals can work more effectively for a healthy pool

Take a look at our heaters, heat pumps, pool covers, chemical/mineral feeders, and salt chlorinators engineered to provide you with the ultimate in pool comfort and enjoyment while safeguarding your investment.