Our Customers Speak

I'm writing to you today because I would like to acknowledge the superior customer service I received from Melodie yesterday. I haven't contacted a company in quite some time (over 2 years) to complement them on their customer service. However, with the service I received from Melodie yesterday, I felt compelled to reach out to you to let you know that you have a great person on your team. I wish that more of the customer service centers that I've called in the past had folks who operated like Melodie.

 - Ryan, Zodiac Customer

I wanted to take a moment and recognize one of your associates, Martha. I had purchased one of your great products a, Zodiac Baracuda G3, just under two years ago. When I spoke to Martha about there was no hesitation on her behalf to make sure I was fully satisfied. She walked me through where to get the serial number looked up and give me the correct part number and graciously placed this part in order status so there would not be any delay in my receiving it. Her professionalism and manner in which she presented herself by her customer service has made me a very pleased Zodiac customer. I have worked with the public for a very long time and trust me complaints are very easy to come by and recognition is almost non existent any more, so I thought she perhaps should be complimented. It takes very loyal associates to make a customer feel the way she made me feel and most of all I truly believe that an associate is a direct reflection of her management and supervision. So I want to sincerely say thanks to Martha for her outstanding customer service and thanks to you and your superior products.

 - Kevin, Zodiac Customer

Just a quick note about one of your Product Support folks. Actually, I should tell you about all of my experiences with your product support people. I've had my pool (first one I've ever owned) since Jan of 2006. I've had nothing but outstanding assistance and prompt service from your people. On this latest occasion I didn't need a rebuild kit but a few in floor heads. Joe answered my emails and kept up a dialogue with me offering assistance and knowledge that helped me make informed decisions. I really think he should be recognized for his attitude toward your customers. I've come to think of Polaris products and Zodiac pools as the TOP of the industry. It really makes a difference when you deal with people like Joe. I wish I had written down the names of the people I've dealt with over the last 5 years. They've all been great. It's really nice to have a good customer service experience in a major investment like my pool. Thank you and your staff for their continued help.

 - Jim, Zodiac Customer

I was out of town for a while and got back this past weekend and found Fidel email waiting for me. I cannot thank him and everyone at Zodiac enough for the kind assistance they have given me in repairing my pool heater that got caught in Tucson’s freeze this past winter. Thanks again to all of you that assisted me. You have a great crew Melissa!

 - Tom, Zodiac Customer

I would like to commend Ruben for his exceptionally helpful attitude on the phone this afternoon. I am a loyal customer for over 10 years and my Polaris 360 just slowed down to a stop. So Ruben very kindly walked me through troubleshooting and then referred me to a couple of service dealers in my area. By his actions he has retained a happy customer.

 - Sateesh, Zodiac Customer

I writing to let you know that company's should have more people like "Matt" working for them. I have a "Polaris pool cleaner" and had a problem with it and went to five pool people to solve it and was told we cannot help you at this time, I guess after the sale they no longer want your business but look over your shoulder for the next sale. I could go on and on but you get the picture. One dealer said here call the company I am too busy now with the pool season. I than gave up and called your company and with great luck I got "Matt" he bent over backwards to help me and even got on the phone to a few my dealers but because of the time zone asked if I would mind if I call you back the next day. Guess what the problem was solved and only because you have people like "Matt". He not only called once but twice on to make sure I was happy. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears but there are people who work very hard every day and one of them is "Matt".

 - LEE, Zodiac Customer

"I would like to thank you and Matt for the tremendous dedicated diligent and thoughtful services he performed to help me evaluate options for solving some issues with my swimming pools Leaf Trapper. I greatly appreciate Matt’s help."

 - Michael, Zodiac Customer

"I just wanted to contact you regarding the fantastic customer support I received from Alicia. I had bought a Polaris booster pump last year and it suddenly lost pressure. I couldn't remember where I bought it from but luckily I had sent in my warranty card. When I e-mailed Polaris I was shocked to hear back within an hour or so. Over the course of numerous e-mails her follow-ups were prompt and extremely helpful. What I had expected to be a stressful situation was anything but thanks to Alicia. She even arranged for the service to be handled by my own pool store. As it turned out it was simply a loose connection and the pump was working perfectly. You're very fortunate to have such a valuable employee and I hope she will be rewarded appropriately."

 - Dr. Pesa, Zodiac Customer

"You have been a real joy to work with and I hope I can call on you in the future when I need warranty help."

 - Shawna, Zodiac Customer

"Just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service! I was very bummed at the beginning of this swim season when my SWC wouldn't work. The customer rep pinpointed the problem & sent me a PCB board that arrived at my house the next day. Now we're working & have a crystal clear pool!!! Thanks!!!"

 - Lea H., Pool Owner

"I have never praised a product with such enthusiasm before that I felt the need to personally inform a company of such a superb and truly wonderful innovation. Thirty years in business and we have tried many automatic pool vacuum cleaners. Over these years we have honestly praised, sold, and personally used some of these pool cleaners, but we have never been as thrilled with a product as much as we have the new Baracuda MX8. Due to the unique tracking system of this unit, it has never caught on the steps or the pool ladders it is truly an amazing and wonderful unit. Our personal inground pool has been extremely easy to maintain with no effort on our part to manually vacuum the areas that other systems have missed." "The Baracuda MX8 is the best new product for easy maintenance and one that we will be highly recommending to our customers. I absolutely love this new automatic pool vacuum system, thank you."

 - Robin and Joe L., Lynch Pools Ltd